Brand Introduction公司介绍
SSD 3 Years Warranty, DRAM Lifetime Warranty
Shenzhen Qianhai Weishengda E-commerce Co., Ltd . (herein after called Weishengda) .
Relying on the solid-state drive-led peripheral series products to enter the market, Weishengda has combined with the most advanced and rigorous testing process in the current industry, and has won the recognition of many customers with reliable quality and good after-sales service.
Over the years, Weishengda has been adhering to the professional, honest and trustworthy enterprise spirit, always putting customer feelings first, adhering to the principle of honesty, adhering to the talent strategy of "people-oriented, talented people", strict requirements on itself, and aspirations to be consumers A reliable product supplier in mind, with customer satisfaction as a guarantee, strives to build a leading hardware peripheral brand in the industry.
Weishengda is headquartered in Shenzhen, which is rich in talents during the reform and opening up, and has a superior geographical location. In just a few years of its establishment, it has continuously established industry quality and new technical standards with advanced technical support and continuous technological innovation. At present, Weishengda has 4 series of brands, and has initially formed a series of main products represented by solid state drives, memory sticks, TF cards, digital accessories, etc. At present, nearly 10 products have been put into mass production. In the past, Weishengda has also been adhering to the principle of excellence, segmenting user positioning, and focusing on creating the most suitable products for each type of customer.
For example, the KP330 and KP320 series of solid state drives under the Weishengda brand adopt the industry's leading technology. The KP330 series of solid state drives use a new type of master control from a first-line manufacturer and a standard SATA3.0 interface to provide more Faster and more stable transmission efficiency is truly what users want, creating the best user experience with the highest cost performance. In addition to solid state, memory sticks, and TF cards, Weishengda also provides one-stop sales of various supporting digital accessories.
In terms of sales channels and after-sales service, Weishengda has entered in 2016 and has opened multiple online and offline sales channels, striving to provide users with a full range of after-sales services, and has successively established authorized service centers across the country to ensure that every Each customer can enjoy the warranty service nearby, responsive to requests.
At present, the Weishengda series of brand products have achieved online and offline multi-platform sales, and have reached a good sales performance level both online and offline. In the next few years, Weishengda will continue to move towards higher goals , Strive to achieve higher brand value, do not forget the original intention, based on technology and innovation, to provide customers with the best products and services!
Product advantages 产品优势
 Advantages of Kingbank
 1. Start fast, no motor speeds up the rotation process.
  2. No magnetic , fast random reading, very small reading delay. According to related tests: two computers with the same configuration, the  notebook equipped with Kingbank solid-state hard drive only needs to be used from booting to the desktop.It took 18 seconds, and the notebook equipped with a tr
aditional hard drive took 31 seconds in total, which is almost half the difference between the two.
  3. Relatively fixed reading time. Since the addressing time has nothing to do with the data storage location, disk fragmentation will not affect the read time.
  4. The DRAM-based Kingbank solid-state drive has extremely fast writing speed.
  5. No noise. Because there is no mechanical motor and fan, the noise value is 0 decibels during operation.
  6. Low energy consumption.
  7. There are no mechanical moving parts inside, there will be no mechanical failure, and no fear of collision, impact, or vibration. In this way, even in the case of high-speed movement or even with tilting, it will not affect the normal It is used, and it can minimize the possibility of data loss when the laptop accidentally falls or collides with a hard object.
  8. The working temperature range is wider. A typical hard drive can only work in the range of 5 to 55 degrees Celsius. The Jinbaida SSD can work at -10~85 degrees Celsius.
  9. Small size and light weight.

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